South Florida CEOs offer College Students Business Advice

A group of South Florida college students received training advice from the Miami Herald CEO Roundtable. As follows, this energizing news about Miami-Dade’s future industries would comprise various employments for current graduates.

Also, coming graduates and those who are already taking part in different trades need to concentrate on this strategic information for the community’s new approaching markets.

Therefore, a wealth of facts was presented to them by some of the Roundtable CEO members.

Ron Antevy is a graduate of the University of Florida, 1991. He has gained much experience throughout the years from various trades. Antevy has held managerial positions in companies like Waste Management, Inc., Capital Project Management Software, and Engineering & Construction.

He has much hands-on experience from being involved in several-day to day tasks while training workers in many other projects. Now, he is president of his brother’s company, e-Builder.

As CEO and president of e-Builder, Ron advises students to begin his or her life, now. He encourages them that South Florida is plentiful with specific fields for everyone’s study. Thus, they can gain experience and develop skills while finishing college.

Jackie Soffer ( graduated from the University of Colorado and is Co-Chairwoman and CEO at Turnberry Associates. She is one of many first-rank real estate developers across the country.

Jackie Soffer has many properties such as the Aventura Mall and an increasing collection of iconic brands throughout the globe. With her experience as a leader for the retail industry, she has expanded Turnberry Associates.

Now, under her direction, the prized Destin Commons has set the standard for outdoors fashion centers in Florida’s Panhandle since 10 years ago of its opening.

Therefore, she encourages college students to do the grimy business without fear and without thinking they are above that. She explained to them about finding solutions through learning the process without depending on anyone else.

Further, each student needs to prepare for hard work and perform it. Soffer shared the knowledge they would get would be priceless.

Noah Breakstone ( attended Wharton University of Pennsylvania, Business School and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University. He is a managing associate at BTI real estate.

Noah encouraged college students to focus on the future while they do their homework on job researching. He assured them that these sought out businesses will be available right at their graduation.

Plus, he suggested that they explored these different job skills and take homework courses that will help them fill these positions when such opportunities are available. And, he rallied them to take notes on favorable openings and know of internship applications with those employers.

Finally, Miami Herald CEO Roundtable- members reminded college graduates and future graduates that there’s a successful day ahead for each one of them.