Remember Everyone Deployed Initiative Spurred on by ADS Inc

Taking care of our service men and women who are deployed overseas is something we all want to do.

ADS Inc – is a military equipment company started by a retired Navy Seal nearly 20 years ago. ADS has made an effort to make life a little more comfortable to those actively serving and to help those transition smoothly to civilian life. ADS has many benefits active duty military and veterans alike can enjoy.

The first major benefit ADS Inc. has to offer is for the active duty military. This company recently teamed up with the Active Valor nonprofit to  send care packages designed specifically to what soldiers need. If the soldier serving overseas has a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion they are missing with their family, the company will send a care package specifically for that occasion. This company also remembers the publicly recognized special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Another great benefit this company has to offer is for the veterans entering civilian life. At times service men and women have a difficult time transitioning into the civilian lifestyle from the military. This company offers the veterans many opportunities to help take care of the active duty military. This company will offer veterans structure and the ability to transition with ease into the civilian lifestyle.