Grant To Help Bridge The Gap Between Christian And Muslim Communities

(IRUSA) Islamic Relief USA has celebrated their 25th anniversary as an advocacy and humanitarian nonprofit organization. In honor of this occasion, they have awarded an organization in Flushing a grant for $15,000 for their campaign against anti-Muslim bullying and harassment. Turning Point for Families and Women received the Silver Anniversary grant from the IRUSA. The organization helps the Muslim children and women impacted by domestic violence. 

Syed Hassan serves the IRUSA as a media relations specialist. He stated the applications were reviewed by a committee based on quality and the value of the proposals. The project was created to assist the youths in the creation of a social media campaign to address negative behavior. The Silver Anniversary program was announced as a means of closing the gap pertaining to the differences that separate communities including political opinion, race and religion. 

The IRUSA grant led to 175 inquiries from the territory of Puerto Rico and 36 states. This showed the interest of America in participating in a common mission and finding a common bond for their communities. According to Syed Hassan, this is the first time a Queens organization was selected by Islamic Relief USA, or IRUSA. The grant process for the Silver Anniversary was a onetime opportunity in celebration of their milestone. There are still project grants available throughout the year. 

Anne Wilson is the IRUSA programs director. She spoke of the large response from grassroots. These national and community organizations demonstrated even though people may not have much in common, they can still join forces to help improve the world through promise, potential, sensitivity and unity. The youth leaders of Grace Episcopal Church and Turning Point will be working together to establish a social media campaign and create workshops. 

The youths will be educating their communities and peers on the impact of hate and bullying in addition to sharing strategies for intervention. The project is attempting to build bridges between the Christian and Muslim communities. According to the IRUSA, the goal is to promote more respect and community cohesion among the different races, nationalities, faiths, sexual orientations, genders and immigration statuses. 

Tazmin Uddin serves Turning Point as the youth program coordinator. Tazmin Uddin said they were honored to receive the Silver Anniversary grant from the IRUSA and work with their Grace Episcopal Church partners. This is a way to help the generation take the lead against the hatred, bullying and discrimination that are attempting to separate the nation.