Emirates Leadership Initiative takes Students to a New Level

Preparing Dubai for the Future
If you’ve been wondering how the UAE Government plans to help educate its budding students, then you may want to stop what you’re doing, grab a coffee, and read this article right away!

We’re going to look at three crucial ways the UAE is helping to expand their students’ educational opportunities. First, we’re going to talk about The Leader of the 21st Century Model. Next, we’ll discuss the Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship. And finally, we’re going to finish up by talking about an exciting public service fellowship aimed at helping UAE students.

The Leader of the 21st Century Model
Created and launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, the Leader of the 21st Century Model is geared to develop a strong core foundation for leadership for students. This Model is also mean to implement effective communication and networking among Government leaders. There will also be an emphasis on private-sector relations.

Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship (ELI)
UAE Government also has big plans for the Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship at Harvard Kennedy School. The five-year program should really help to cement leadership initiatives for students in essential areas such as executive education for top ranking officials, among others. And it’s said that $15 million was put into this program, which comes at a crucial time in UAE Government, where there is added emphasis on developing the economy’s knowledge base.

The Abu Dhabi Leadership Graduate Public Service Fellowship

This key fellowship was created in 2010, buy the Crown Prince Court, at the Harvard Kennedy School. With a strong focus on developing nationals for the Abu Dhabi Government, students are only awarded this fellowship on a merit basis. The fellowship will only go to three fortunate students, who must currently be working for the Abu Dhabi Government.

These programs are sure to prepare students for a successful career in UAE government. The best it yet to come.