China and United States relations getting stronger

China and the United States have not been known to be in the best relations before but this seems to be changing if recent development is anything to go by. In recent years the interrelationship between the United States and China has grown tremendously. To start with, the two countries have grown to become each other’s trading partners, a feat that has seen them grow their bilateral trade from $100 million in 1972 to a whopping $649 million in 2016.
The good relationship between China and the United States has been fostered by the unique degree of people-to-people contact that comes in all walks of life. This ranges from the interaction between students to professionals and even business people. This has seen the two societies come closer by the day in order to benefit from what each of them has to offer.

One of the most notable factors that have led to even more interaction has to be education. Statistics show that at least 350,000 CUSEF China Focus students are studying in the United States and this is a clear vote of confidence that shows this relationship is headed in the right direction. In retrospect, more and more Americans are now curious to visit China if only to learn more about their culture and way of life. In fact, more Americans are now getting interested in learning Mandarin, a language they have come to love courtesy of the interactions they have had with the Chinese nationals.
Before this new-found interrelationship between the United States and China, there had been too much suspicion of each other and American would see China as competitors in terms of becoming an economic powerhouse. This is, however, changing and American is now finding it much easier to access the Chinese market and the same applies to China for the American market. In fact, China is now reviewing its hitherto high import duty that had been slapped on the United States and cross border business is now expected to boom. As a show of goodwill on its part, the United States is now seriously considering to review the unreasonable protectionism in terms of reviewing Chinese investment in the country, and this will see China trade more openly with the United states.
However, it would be noted that as much as the two countries have the goodwill to work with each other, they may see the need to work out most of its agreements constructively since this are decisions that will impact the coming generations.