China and United States relations getting stronger

China and the United States have not been known to be in the best relations before but this seems to be changing if recent development is anything to go by. In recent years the interrelationship between the United States and China has grown tremendously. To start with, the two countries have grown to become each other’s trading partners, a feat that has seen them grow their bilateral trade from $100 million in 1972 to a whopping $649 million in 2016.
The good relationship between China and the United States has been fostered by the unique degree of people-to-people contact that comes in all walks of life. This ranges from the interaction between students to professionals and even business people. This has seen the two societies come closer by the day in order to benefit from what each of them has to offer.

One of the most notable factors that have led to even more interaction has to be education. Statistics show that at least 350,000 CUSEF China Focus students are studying in the United States and this is a clear vote of confidence that shows this relationship is headed in the right direction. In retrospect, more and more Americans are now curious to visit China if only to learn more about their culture and way of life. In fact, more Americans are now getting interested in learning Mandarin, a language they have come to love courtesy of the interactions they have had with the Chinese nationals.
Before this new-found interrelationship between the United States and China, there had been too much suspicion of each other and American would see China as competitors in terms of becoming an economic powerhouse. This is, however, changing and American is now finding it much easier to access the Chinese market and the same applies to China for the American market. In fact, China is now reviewing its hitherto high import duty that had been slapped on the United States and cross border business is now expected to boom. As a show of goodwill on its part, the United States is now seriously considering to review the unreasonable protectionism in terms of reviewing Chinese investment in the country, and this will see China trade more openly with the United states.
However, it would be noted that as much as the two countries have the goodwill to work with each other, they may see the need to work out most of its agreements constructively since this are decisions that will impact the coming generations.

Boarding Schools: What Should You Look For?

You’re considering a boarding school for your child, but what exactly are your expectations and priorities? Is it academics, affordable tuition, athletics?

A good academic boarding school will offer a wide variety of AP courses, science, math, technology, arts, and humanities.

1. Deerfield Academy, located in Mass., seems to be among the top schools for AP courses. Here your child will be submerged in engineering, math, science, and technology.
2. Phillips Academy, located in Mass., offers a foundation in the arts, humanities, math, and science and weaves these into an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

Tuition can vary from the triple digits to five figures a year.

1. New Mexico Military Institute seems to be the cheapest boarding school with a yearly tuition of $11,732. They do offer grants that top out at $3000.
2. Tallulah Falls School, located in Georgia, is among the top six affordable boarding schools. Tuition here is around $26,000 a year. They also offer financial assistance that varies per student.

A strong focus on athletics can be a priority for some.
1. IMG Academy in Florida employs some of the world’s top coaches. Sports include tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, track, and lacrosse. Here they focus on the development of strength and speed to nutrition and more.
2. Cate School in California is a highly competitive school so if your goal is to play against some of the best high schools in the country, this is the school for you.

You should also be aware that your child will learn important life skills while at boarding school. Independence, time management, accountability and being a responsible citizen are among the life lessons learned. These will be very useful to your child when entering college and the workforce as an adult. Schools like St. Andrew’s School, St. George’s School and Deerfield Academy offer top-notch academic and extracurricular programs.

During your search for the perfect boarding school for your child, look closely into what really matters to you as a parent. That could mean academics, tuition and athletics as a whole, or just one or two of those options. With so many options available in the United States, you are sure to find exactly what you are hoping for.

The Benefits of Individual Education

The most important element of a young person’s life is education. Of the differences between public and private education, there can be no argument that private education is the better of the two, at the present time. The functions of private secondary education, prep schools, military schools and boarding schools are similar to college and university education. Their structures are similar as are their goals. While public education has lowered standards and classes advance through material at the rate of the slowest person in the class, boarding schools function like higher education and present material to be learned which becomes the responsibility of the individual student.
For those public school graduates moving on to colleges and universities, there is another burden. Now away from home a greater sense of independence must be learned and should be considered as a further impediment to their academic success. The boarding school student has already made that adjustment by moving away from home and family for his or her education, and is more accustomed to living independently and is more capable of functioning in school.
The level of educational expertise of the staff at a boarding school is higher and broader, as evidenced by New England boarding schools including St. George’s School and The Putney School. Every student had a favorite teacher who either inspired them to work harder or encouraged them to read the next chapter and answer the study questions. Boarding schools offer a broader choice of significant teachers to inspire students. Today, public schools are more similar to the prison experience than a rewarding educational experience. These difference are surprising, and the distance between the two systems seems to be widening.
There is also the sense of camaraderie which exists at boarding schools where often the parents of the students who are from a high socio-economic status level can identify with each other, while the parents of public school students are diverse and have no interest in one another. While many students in public school form gangs as a way of socially interacting, boarding school students are encouraged to express themselves in clubs and sports. Most importantly the emphasis in public schools is on the whole class of students as a whole, while the boarding school emphasis is on the individual. Often boarding school teachers and administrators are familiar with the entire family of the student. One only has to watch that classic boarding school movie, Goodbye, Mr. Chips to gain insight into the value of family history and the working of boarding schools.

Different Courses for Different Purposes

Learning is something that can be done throughout your entire life. You never actually stop learning, but some things have to be kept under control so that you can actually use cloud-educationthe meanings and understandings behind the concept.

The courses that you can take are numerous, and every one of them can help you much more than you have originally thought. With one single course or class, a person can find a better job or simply get a job; also, they can be better paid, they can learn something that they have always wanted and also find a hobby. The reasons behind this kind of choice are numerous and it’s up to every individual to follow his or her own dreams.

Here are some type of courses that can be done after graduation, and what they can do for you and your life. Some of them are easy while others are more complex, but the essence is the same for all of them – to help you go forward or to make you happy.

free-business-education-1024x857Learn a Second Language

This is a constant choice among people as it’s the easiest course available for most of them. However, this is not a light course, as it involves a lot of study and hard work. Most of the times, this kind of course will allow you to work in different domains apart from the one you already have. You can become proficient enough to be a translator or an interpreter, allowing you to work as a freelancer or to find a job within a bigger company that pays better money. Apart from this, you will have the satisfaction of knowing more than others do.

Learn a Skill

You say this when you learn how to process the wood, becoming a carpenter, or when you free-online-education-4learn how to work with the cars, becoming a mechanic. There are also learning centers like some high schools that teach this to children, but it’s sometimes avoided. Learning a skill will allow you to find a job or to take care of your own needs – for the given examples, you can build a chair or make small repairs to your car. However, it can also allow you to start your own business – no matter how small it is, it can surely help you get more income.

Learn a Hobby

teachers-education-thrust-into-the-limelight_31_63635_0_14099424_770This is also something fascinating. You can learn for example, how to sew your clothes with the sewing machines and how to extract a pattern for a blouse or a skirt; you can learn the secrets of gardening or you can learn pottery. All these are relaxing activities that will help you break the routine of your daily life. There are also other courses that teach you different easy activities that can be seen as a hobby. Make a search for them and see what would fit your personality. Each one of these courses will give you relaxation and some of them have the potential to help you start a business – like the course dedicated to gardening or the course dedicated to sewing.

Self-defense Courses

worst-educational-systemThese represent a different kind of course, as they are based on the need to protect yourself from harm. There are different sports that can teach you how to protect yourself and they are taught in special gyms by coaches or sensei. With this kind of course, you don’t have to become a professional, but you will get the basics of the self-defense rules. It’s adequate for everyone, no matter the age, as these courses can be followed by both children and adults alike. If you don’t feel inclined to follow these, at least make sure that your children can protect themselves, by following such a course.