Boarding Schools Offer Great Opportunity for Students

Many people in the United States never consider sending their child to boarding school; however, statistics are showing that this maybe a good option for keeping a child in a happy and safe environment that promotes education. According to, students at a boarding school spend more time studying, playing music, reading and doing sports than their private school or public school counterparts. In the same respect, seventy-five percent of boarding school students feel their peers are motivated versus forty-nine percent of public school students. These statistics only tell part of the story, though. Boarding schools can open doors for students and create new styles of learners. Here are some great examples, in addition to St. George’s School under the leadership of Eric F. Peterson:
Phillips Exeter Academy, the number one according to, believes in a learning style where the students and the instructor sit round table and freely discuss the subjects at hand. Their school has a nineteen percent acceptance rate and an endowment that is more than most universities.
Shattuck-St.Mary’s School in Faribault, Minnesota helps students to learn at their own pace. The juniors and seniors there meet twice a week, allowing for the students to pursue their interests outside of the classroom. Pursuing those interests is even easier, as the school has rooms with equipment to learn everything from video editing to fashion design.
Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio boasts small classroom sizes of twelve to one. Many of these students go on to Universities such as Duke, Northwestern, and University of California at Berkeley.
The Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut is an all-girls school that promotes “substance over superficialities”. They have a focus program called WISE that stands for Women in Science and Engineering that sends many of their graduates to MIT and Carnegie Mellon.
Three hundred and fifteen miles away is North Bethesda, Maryland where the oldest Jesuit school Georgetown Prep is. Host to an all-boys boarding school, they focus on opportunities for growth through sports, publications, and extra-curricular activities.
Each of these schools has many things that make their school special. Sending a child away to high school is a tough decision for many parents but giving a child the promise of a great future might make that decision a little easier.