Boarding Schools: What Should You Look For?

You’re considering a boarding school for your child, but what exactly are your expectations and priorities? Is it academics, affordable tuition, athletics?

A good academic boarding school will offer a wide variety of AP courses, science, math, technology, arts, and humanities.

1. Deerfield Academy, located in Mass., seems to be among the top schools for AP courses. Here your child will be submerged in engineering, math, science, and technology.
2. Phillips Academy, located in Mass., offers a foundation in the arts, humanities, math, and science and weaves these into an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

Tuition can vary from the triple digits to five figures a year.

1. New Mexico Military Institute seems to be the cheapest boarding school with a yearly tuition of $11,732. They do offer grants that top out at $3000.
2. Tallulah Falls School, located in Georgia, is among the top six affordable boarding schools. Tuition here is around $26,000 a year. They also offer financial assistance that varies per student.

A strong focus on athletics can be a priority for some.
1. IMG Academy in Florida employs some of the world’s top coaches. Sports include tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, track, and lacrosse. Here they focus on the development of strength and speed to nutrition and more.
2. Cate School in California is a highly competitive school so if your goal is to play against some of the best high schools in the country, this is the school for you.

You should also be aware that your child will learn important life skills while at boarding school. Independence, time management, accountability and being a responsible citizen are among the life lessons learned. These will be very useful to your child when entering college and the workforce as an adult. Schools like St. Andrew’s School, St. George’s School and Deerfield Academy offer top-notch academic and extracurricular programs.

During your search for the perfect boarding school for your child, look closely into what really matters to you as a parent. That could mean academics, tuition and athletics as a whole, or just one or two of those options. With so many options available in the United States, you are sure to find exactly what you are hoping for.