The Benefits of Individual Education

The most important element of a young person’s life is education. Of the differences between public and private education, there can be no argument that private education is the better of the two, at the present time. The functions of private secondary education, prep schools, military schools and boarding schools are similar to college and university education. Their structures are similar as are their goals. While public education has lowered standards and classes advance through material at the rate of the slowest person in the class, boarding schools function like higher education and present material to be learned which becomes the responsibility of the individual student.
For those public school graduates moving on to colleges and universities, there is another burden. Now away from home a greater sense of independence must be learned and should be considered as a further impediment to their academic success. The boarding school student has already made that adjustment by moving away from home and family for his or her education, and is more accustomed to living independently and is more capable of functioning in school.
The level of educational expertise of the staff at a boarding school is higher and broader, as evidenced by New England boarding schools including St. George’s School and The Putney School. Every student had a favorite teacher who either inspired them to work harder or encouraged them to read the next chapter and answer the study questions. Boarding schools offer a broader choice of significant teachers to inspire students. Today, public schools are more similar to the prison experience than a rewarding educational experience. These difference are surprising, and the distance between the two systems seems to be widening.
There is also the sense of camaraderie which exists at boarding schools where often the parents of the students who are from a high socio-economic status level can identify with each other, while the parents of public school students are diverse and have no interest in one another. While many students in public school form gangs as a way of socially interacting, boarding school students are encouraged to express themselves in clubs and sports. Most importantly the emphasis in public schools is on the whole class of students as a whole, while the boarding school emphasis is on the individual. Often boarding school teachers and administrators are familiar with the entire family of the student. One only has to watch that classic boarding school movie, Goodbye, Mr. Chips to gain insight into the value of family history and the working of boarding schools.